Weight Loss and Toning

Flex Appeal’s weight loss and toning program helps you gain control of your body. In this program you will begin to feel more energized, empowered, and stronger. You can enjoy this program with our one-on-one sessions or in our encouraging group class environment.

Wedding Fitness

Looking to get in shape for your big day? Or maybe for your best friends big day? Either way we are here to help. We will work with you to determine the best plan in order to help you feel comfortable and confident on that special day! 

Beach Body

Planning a beach getaway? Thinking about how you will look? This program is for you! With Flex Appeal’s Beach Body program we will help you gain control of your body so you can look and feel confident for summer!

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Mom Fitness Club

Need some time for yourself? Looking to have more energy? We are here to help! With Flex Appeal’s Mom Fitness we will work with you to determine a plan that best meets your needs! You can feel confident that you will leave feeling stronger & more energized!

Fitness Class
Rope Workout

High Intensity Interval Training


Flex Appeal’s HIIT program is exactly what you need to change up your normal workout. We have modifications for all levels of fitness. Jump here, run there, and don’t use too many weights. This is a program to help speed up that metabolism to allow you to achieve maximum results. 

Strength Training

Flex Appeal’s Strength Training program is for those who would like to add on some healthy weight. With this program we will work with you to help you build muscle mass and bulk up. These are often scheduled as one-on-one sessions in order to best meet your needs!

Beginner’s Workout

Just getting started? Never felt confident in a gym? This is the place for you. This program will teach you proper ways to use the equipment in a safe and welcoming environment. It is our goal to help you reach your goals but to also ensure that you feel comfortable while doing so.