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"Jeshua is an EXCELLENT trainer! The exercise programs he designs are thoughtful and make my hour sessions both fun and interesting. He knows just the right amount to “push”, and also when to scale back. Jeshua is extremely attentive. He provides timely & helpful tips, frequent feedback, and plenty of encouragement. He's receptive to feedback and quickly adapted to my interpersonal style... Now he knows EXACTLY how to motivate me to deliver my best, every single session. Also, I appreciate his insights on nutrition and healthy lifestyle – This is a huge bonus for me. Working with Jeshua, I’ve experienced great progress in a relatively short amount of time – Over 9 lbs lost in my first month! I’m always amazed when he chimes in and tells me how much more weight/reps/time I’ve completed compared to a previous session. Looking forward to many more workouts with Jeshua and Flex Appeal – This is money truly well spent. Thank you Jeshua!! See you next week. :)!"

Greg B.

Awesome Trainer!
"Jeshua is awesome! My husband and I have been training with him 6 months now. He is great at motivating and pushing us just the right amount, without yelling like a drill sergeant! He is able to read us and know when to give us more weight as we get stronger. Jeshua uses a variety of exercises so it never gets boring. I would highly recommend Jeshua for your training needs!"

Stephanie R.

Great coach
"Nice, capable young man."

Lynnette H.

"He is a great guy and i enjoyed working with him i love it!"

Mabel T.

Jeshua was an excellent trainer and very understanding, flexible with my schedule and a great motivator when I needed to be pushed. He set out a tentative plan and stuck to it giving me advice for dietary needs and out of the gym exercises in order to achieve maximum results

Russell M.

They make working out enjoyable for my daughter and myself! So much fun!

Tammy O.

"Jeshua does a great job!"

Mica W.

"Great experience"

Candace L.

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